Help! I’m Overwhelmed – 7 ‘Tightly Held’ Secrets Of Well Organized Homeschool Moms

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Are you just like me? 

In the past I used to follow tons of homeschool bloggers and downloaded hundreds of printables, purchased over two dozen courses for my kids and was constantly trying to get them into something or another. 

Unfortunately I never stuck with anything long enough to actually enrich their minds. 

They were often skipping from one thing to another, and not gaining any traction, whatsoever.


Furthermore, my costs were going through the roof, and I didn’t feel that I was getting anything useful out of the courses nor the printables. 


This didn’t necessarily mean that the products that I was getting for free, or purchasing weren’t high quality, but rather that I was all over the place, extremely haphazard in my use of it and most importantly extremely disorganized. 


If you are going through the same things right now, I’m sure you totally understand how overwhelming and frustrating it can all be. 


So, I’m here to tell you that, you can get organized. I finally did it and I’m sure you can too. 


In this post, I will be sharing seven really important tips on how you can get organized and providing you with printable to get you started right now. 


Decide On The Top Goal

Yes, I felt that this was the key game changer for me. I decided on my top goal. 

I wanted to teach my kids Greek Mythology. 

Now, if you are a full time homeschooler (I’m not), you will have more than one goal. That’s ok. 

List out the subjects you want to teach your kids, each subject can be a top goal or a specific area in each subject can be a top goal (remember, to have different lists of goals for each child). 


Follow 3 – 5 Bloggers Who Cover The Subject Area

In my case I found three edupreneurs, who specialized in Greek Mythology (it is not as easy as it seems), and decided to follow them. 

If you are going to teach your 7 year old ELA, Math and History, then it is best you find 3 – 5 bloggers/edupreneurs who are experts in the area and follow them.

Now, do you understand, why I wanted you to create a list per child? 


Write Down Everything You Need

Yes, in my case I needed colourfully illustrated, well written books pertaining to Greek Mythology. 

Besides that, I also needed printables and other material even courses (if available) for the 7 – 9 year age group on Greek Mythology. 

This step was another game changer, because now that I had a fully fledged list of materials I needed, I was focused in my search and was able to make the most of my very limited budget. 

As a result of this list, I also had to stop following one edupreneur (as she did not service the 7 – 9 age group). 



Now, once your list is done, all you have to do is check if the blogger/edupreneurs you follow can help you source the material you need. 

They may have provided reviews and recommendations on the books that you should buy. Many times, they may have created printables and you might be able to get what you need for free, or buy it when it is on sale. 

Once, you’ve sourced all the material or at least a part of the material you should start organizing it by subject, and in order that it has to be used. 

If you purchased any courses, make sure you write down all relevant log in information, and have emails and receipts to prove you purchased it, just in case, you get locked out of the account. 

Schedule And Be Consistent

This was another huge area where I failed. 

I failed at being consistent and simply jumped from one subject area to another without much thought. 

So the first thing to do was to schedule time for lessons in Greek Mythology, twice a week for 20 minutes. 

Once I put it on my calendar for Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm. I was more consistent and the kids knew it was time for Greek Mythology, so there were no grumblings and they actually started enjoying the consistency. 

Stick To One Method

This can be a book or a series of books or a series of printables/puzzels/methods/courses. Either way stick to one, complete it and then move on to the other. 

This I found also helped me stay very focused and get things done. 

The kids were able to retain everything they learned and I felt very accomplished and most importantly we were able to move up a level in less than six months. 


Rinse And Repeat

Yes, you can rinse and repeat this strategy with several subjects running simultaneously or every time you achieve a milestone, you can move to the next stage with the same strategy. 

Want a printable to map out all the steps listed out above? Then simply click here. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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