Do You Know The No. 1 Reason Why Your Child Needs To Learn Music Theory?

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Through the years as a music teacher, the number of excuses I have heard about why children don’t need to learn music theory has been numerous.

While some of those claims have had a legitimate basis, so many others have been extremely ridiculous and in today’s blog I want to discuss some of those myths and tell you, why you it is so important for your child to learn music theory. 


Music theory can be boring if not taught correctly and many kids find it tedious, hence it can often affect their enthusiasm to learn music. 

So yes, I consider that a major reason why many parents may feel reluctant to have their kids learn music theory. 

However, what you should remember here as a parent is that it doesn’t have to be that way, and music theory can be fun and when they learn music theory, the benefits can be immense. 


Some other myths that I have heard over the years are often a sheer misunderstanding of what music theory really is. 

No, learning music theory is not about simply memorizing or learning notes, it is much more that that. if that myth was correct then we would have to say that learning to read and write the alphabet is not essential simply because it may inhibit our ability to speak. Now we all know that, that is a ridiculous claim and we would never entertain any such notion. 


Another myth is that learning music theory may limit creativity.

While it may seem like that, in reality learning music theory actually will help your child increase her level of creativity as she can put to paper, what she creates on an instrument. 


Other myths include but are not limited to more outrageous claims that music theory consists of too much analyzing and does not translate to anything,

Music theory is too hard to learn and not worth the effort, if a child is to learn music theory then she has to be super intelligent. 

Another ridiculous claim is that learning music theory will take away from playing time. 


Well, I can go on and on, but that wouldn’t help anybody would it?


So let’s get down to the benefits of learning music theory. 

While there are a myriad of different benefits the number one benefit that I want to cover here is that learning music theory will often speed up your child’s ability to learn to play more than one instrument. This is because, those that self teach themselves to play an instrument, do so, by using their musical ear. Often they have no knowledge of reading or writing music. 

Therefore, when they have to learn a new instrument the entire process has to start from the beginning with the new instrument. 

However, when the individual has learned music theory and can read music, then the process does not have to start from the beginning, but half the battle is already won and the individual can hit the road running immediately. 


What do you think? Is this alone reason enough for your child to learn music theory?


I am a true believer that it is, and that is why all my piano courses include music theory lessons. Come join a free course and see for yourself. 


Either way, I’d really like to hear your opinion on the importance or lack thereof, of learning music theory.

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Karen Cadera


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