9 ‘Unbelievably Easy’ To Implement Festive Music appreciation Ideas For Teens

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Introducing music appreciation through festive musical activities are not only for young kids, but it can also be done for teens. 

In my opinion, teens are actually in a better position to gain from these activities than kids of other ages. 

So today I will be giving you at least nine amazingly fun, yet unbelievably easy festive music ideas that you can implement in your homeschool to engage and have your teenagers and even tweens appreciating music. 

So here goes. 


Movie Musicals

This is one of the most fun ways to introduce your teens to music appreciation and since there are tons of different festive musicals like the Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol and much more, why not simply start there?


Live Performances

Christmas is also a time of live performances with many churches and other organisations hosting carols by candlelight and other amazing events. Start early, start looking out for these events in your community, look for events that are budget friendly and will also be of interest to your teenagers and sign up before it is too late. 


Research Classic Carols

With so many beautiful classic carols, why not start right there? 

Select a carol that your teenagers are interested in and have them research its origins, evolution, the composer, what inspired the composer, the era in which the composer lived and much more. 

Think that is hard? No worries. 

Simply download the printable I have made available with this post and your teenagers can get started on researching While Shepherds Watched Their Flock By Night, with my printable. 


Compare And Contrast Carols

Take the previous activity one step further, 

Select two carols instead of one and have your teenager research them. 

Don’t know how to get this done?

No worries. 

My printable will help get your teenager well on his/her way. 


Different Christmas Traditions & How Music Contributes To Them

Learn about the different Christmas traditions in different countries, carols that originated from each of the different countries and how Christmas music contributes to their culture. 

This is exactly what my online unit study Carolling Around The World teaches. 

You can have a free preview of an unit by simply clicking here. 



Yes, why not get a group of teenagers together and go carolling or live stream the carols? 

Can you think of a more fun way to spread festive joy? 


Carols From Around The World

Pick several different countries of the world and then research the different carols that originated from those countries. 

Check out the FREE preview of my course Carolling Around The World for more ideas on this step. 


Write Or Compose A Carol

If your teenager is good at poetry writing, have him/her write a carol and put a tune to it. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

He/She can use Garage Band or some other online app to create the music 


Write Or Produce A Christmas Ballet

Inspired by the likes of the Nutcracker and other ballets?

Then why not ask your teenager to try his/her hand at writing his/her own ballet? 


What do you think? 

Can you implement these ideas in your homeschool?

Aren’t they ‘unbelievably easy’ like I promised?

Let me know which one of these ideas you will be implementing first? 

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