9 ‘Ridiculously’ Fun Ways To Add Music To Your Home

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I know hundreds of moms who dream of giving their kids a music education, but are unable to do so for many reasons. 

It is not all that difficult to bring music into your home, even if you are on a shoestring budget and have absolutely no musical training yourself. 

In this post, I am going to share nine ‘ridiculously’ fun ways in which, you can do it for absolutely no cost. While there are one or two ideas that might cost you a bit, with some creative thinking, I’m sure you can find ways to implement even those ideas for free. 


So let’s start with the first of the nine ideas. 


Create A Music ‘Corner’ In Your Home

It is often very difficult to practice an instrument, listen to music, read music related books or learn to sing with a variety of different distractions. So why not find a little nook in your house, and make it a really comfy and cozy place where the entire family would want to hang out?

Decorate it with DIY music themed decor, instruments and music related books and paraphernalia that you may have lying around the house. 

Make it a point to hang out in this nook several times a week and watch your kids come along as well. 


Go To A Live Performance Monthly

Now, on the face of it, this can sound really expensive, but it doesn’t have to be so. 

With some planning and searching, you should be able to scout around and find a variety of different concerts and performances in your local church, community centre, civic centre and other places. 

Actively search and have a running list of all the upcoming free or very cheap performances and attempt to take in at least one per month as a family. 


Listen To Lots Of Music

When I say listen to lots of music, I don’t simply mean, live stream the local radio station. While that is not a bad idea, try to be more strategic with this idea. 

Pick a specific composer or genre of music and immerse yourself and your family in the same. 

You can create playlists online just for that, or borrow CDs from the local library.

Have an Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify account and want to know how to use it to implement this idea? Then I hope my post, 9 ‘Shockingly’ Simple Ways To Use Your Apple Music/Amazon Prime/Spotify Music To Add More Musical Joy To Your Home. 


Have A Theme Month

Pick a theme for each month of the year. 

Let’s say you picked ‘clarinet’. So what do you do?

Create a playlist of clarinet music to listen and appreciate throughout the month. 

Borrow books from the local library about the clarinet. 

Ask your kids to research composers and musicians who composed solely for the clarinet. Watch orchestral performances and learn about the role played by the clarinet in the orchestra. 

Want more ideas on how to pick a musical theme and work with it? Then read my post on 3 ‘Ridiculously’ Simple Steps To Select and Work With A Musical Theme.


Make Your Own Instruments

With platforms like Pinterest, there are tons of fun instrument DIY ideas that you can find and have your kids follow. 

For a list of my top recommendations, please read my post on My Favourite Musical Instrument DIY Ideas.


Have A Movie Night

You can do this monthly or weekly. 

Set a day, bring out the popcorn and the snacks, borrow a musical like Hairspray, or Grease or the Sound of Music from the local library or stream it, if you have Netflix or some other subscription. And make it a family musical movie night. 


Sing And Dance Together

Yes, it is as simple as that. 

Pick some of your favourite tunes and sing. Hey, you can even use a karaoke if you have access to one. 


Have A Weekly ‘Jam’ Session

This is an extension of the previous idea and you can do this even if you and your children have never played an instrument in your lives. 

Just come together with whatever material you have, drums, drumsticks, brooms, chopsticks, whatever, and create your own band and have your own ‘jam’ session. 


Have A Quarterly Recital

If one of your kids can play an instrument, or sing or dance, why not have a recital once every quarter?


Want to know how to organize a recital in your home? Then my post, How To Have A ‘Recital’ At Home, will definitely help you. 


What do you think of these suggestions? Are they easy enough and with your budget? Which one do you think you will implement today?

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