7 ‘Genius’ Ways To Add Movie Musicals To Your Homeschool Library

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You have heard time and again that one of the best ways to add music education to your homeschool curriculum is to watch and appreciate musicals. 

I know, I know, you are going to say that you simply don’t have the budget to do that. 

Because live performances can be extremely expensive and depending on the city that you live in, you may not even have access to quality and popular musicals. 

But, spending a lot of money is not the only way to take in a musical. 

On the contrary you can build your own library of musicals and it doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny. 

Here are 7 ingenious ways in which, you can build a fantastic library of musical movies frugally or sometimes even for FREE.



Yes, you can borrow DVDs and Blu-rays from your local library, didn’t you know that? 

For the longest time, I didn’t either.  But, boy am I glad that I do, now. 

Besides being able to borrow musicals from the library, often there are sales there as well. 

So, you can buy a ton of DVDs and Blu-rays at a fraction of the cost. 

So next time you go to the library, be on the look out for sales and don’t hesitate to ask the staff about upcoming sales. 


Borrow, Exchange, or Barter

You can always ask around and borrow DVDs from your friends and neighbours. 

Better still if you really like the musical and they are willing to part with it, you can barter or exchange another movie/DVD or different product or service they want in return for the musical that they have, which you love. 



Sites like Craigslist and Kijiji are a boon to homeschoolers and homeschool parents and music teachers in so many different ways. 

I am often amazed at the things I can find at a fraction of the retail cost and most importantly, even for free. 

So go ahead search for DVDs and Blu-rays of your favourite musicals. 

Don’t forget you can also create a free ‘wanted’ ad and list out the specific musicals you are looking for. Remember to regularly repost it, so your ad remains in the first few pages. 


Target/Walmart (Special Sales)

Both Walmart and Target often have many DVDs and Blu-rays on sale and if you frequently shop in these stores make it a point to stop by, check out the selection and don’t be shy to speak to the associates and get inside information on when they expect the next sale. 


Garage Sales

This has been a treasure trove of homeschool music and other educational supplies for me. 

It does take quite a bit of time and effort in terms of having to go round to many garage sales, yet, if you have a good system in place, have four or five sales lined up for each Saturday.

Start early and have a list of musicals you are looking for, who knows what you will find. 


Ask Friends

Don’t be shy to notify your friends and family that you are trying to build your homeschool music library or your home music library. 

Explain to them your specific needs and what you are looking for. 

Tell them that you will really appreciate it, if they would give you any unwanted used DVDs and Blu-rays that they may have, which you are specifically looking for. 


Gift Registry

Create an online gift registry on Amazon with the musicals you want and when Christmas or Easter or some other occasion comes around, share it with grandparents, uncles and aunts and others, so they know exactly what they can get for your kids. 


Bonus – Value Village

Yes, this is another place at which I love to shop. 

You never know what gems you will find. 

Next time you are in the vicinity of the local Value Village, remember to drop in and see if any of the musicals on your list are available for purchase. 


So, there you have it. 

Eight different ways in which, you can build your homeschool musicals library in a very thrifty and frugal manner. 

I would love to hear your own ideas and, which one of the above ideas you’ve used in the past. 

Never watched any musicals and wonder which ones your kids may enjoy the most? Then click here to read my blog post on the Top 12 ‘Must See’ Musicals Categorized by Age.

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