6 ‘Unbelievable’ Ways To Add Music Resources To Your Homeschool

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Music resources, especially if you are buying them on Teachers Pay Teachers’ or some other site can become very expensive and leave you with very little money for other subjects. 

Likewise, music resources can range from books to instruments, to CDs and DVDs and can skyrocket your homeschooling costs. 

Therefore, in this post I will be sharing six different strategies you can use to stock your music library and homeschool music curriculum for a fraction of the cost (most of the time for free). 


Craiglist/Kijiji/GumTree/FB Market

I have found that these online ‘buy and sell’ sites are immensely helpful, because you can source so many books and even musical instruments for a fraction of the cost. 

Here in Canada, Kijiji is my favourite, but I know that Craigslist in the US and GumTree in the UK and Australia are very similar and provide excellent deals. 

So that should be your first place to look. 

Buy and Sell, mom groups on FB are also fantastic places, but always remember to keep an eye on the shipping costs. 


Garage Sales

This is another of my favourite places to look for CDs, Movie Musicals, Music books and even musical instruments. 


Library Sales

Do you know that your local library has regular sales, where you can purchase books for just a dollar or two or even less? 

Not only books but you will also be able to buy CDs and Movie Musicals. 

So the next time you are in the library, speak to one of the associates and ask them when the next sale will be. 

Mark it on your calendar and make sure you are there to get the books you want. 


Online Resource Libraries And Subscriptions

I’m sure you all know this but don’t think very strategically, and tend to oversubscribe, get overwhelmed and not use any of the freebies you receive. 

So, here’s what I have found really useful when collecting printables, and other resources for my kids. I have a very specific plan and follow only a few bloggers in that specific area. Say Art History for instance, because I love Art History, but don’t have the necessary knowledge to create the materials for my kids. 

So I follow specific bloggers in this arena and check through their resource libraries on a regular basis to find the materials I need for my kids. 

Likewise, as you know I only teach piano (specifically) and music (in general), so when you follow me you know you will receive high quality music related freebies. 

I invite you right now to take a tour of my freebie library and download whatever material you want.


Target/Walmart Sales

These are again good places to purchase books and CDs when you come across them on sale. 


Trial Course/Free Courses

Again if you follow specific individuals and bloggers who specialize in music, I’m sure you will be able to find a variety of FREE and trial courses, that your kids can learn from. 

Want to have your kids Reading Music Notes and Playing The Piano in 5 Days? Then please sign up for my 5 FREE Piano lessons and let’s get started.


Want to have your kids appreciating music, then please sign up for my FREE music appreciation courses right now. 


 So, which one of these strategies will you trying out first?

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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My daughter loved the games, but there were also worksheets and videos. The weekly lesson plans were complete, and I never questioned what I should be doing next.

Lisa Tanner

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This program reminded me (and allowed me to teach my son) how to read music. To me, that was the most important thing that we learned together. Of course, it was very rewarding for me to watch my son play the piano with both hands at the same time, while reading sheet music. His favorite parts of the course were actually playing the songs and doing the worksheets provided.

Carrie M.

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