6 ‘Unarguable’ Reasons Why Learning Piano Is Good For Your Child

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I’m sure you’ve read tons of research on why your child needs to be a proficient musician, and the benefits of music for the developing brain. 


However, when I say that there are six ‘inarguable’ reasons why your child has to learn to play the piano, the needs of the developing brain is not one of them. 


Through my years teaching kids, I have seen a variety of other different reasons that are worth mentioning and in this post, I will be sharing all of them. 


So, here goes


Learning Piano Requires Perseverance

As I have stated earlier, piano is the easiest instrument to learn at the start, but the hardest to master in the end. 

Therefore, it requires immense will power and perseverance for children to get though the more difficult stages of learning music. 

Sticking by it and learning even though there are many obstacles, is one of the key reasons why learning piano is good for your child, and also the reason that she will develop that oh so necessary trait of perseverance. 

Don’t you agree?

So, what is the next benefit?


Learning Piano Creates A Growth Mindset

Yes, that is correct. 

As my favourite psychologist Carol Dweck, often advocates, we are going for progress not for perfection. 

If you try to strive only for perfection when learning to play the piano, you will often fail. Because, your child will give up as soon as it gets challenging. 

However, if you go for progress instead, then not only will your child succeed, but she will be developing a growth mindset. 

In today’s hyper competitive world, what can be more important than a growth mindset?


Learning Piano Cultivates Self Discipline

Yes, sticking with it and progressing requires another very important skill to be developed, the skill of self discipline. 

The skill of showing up every single day for practice, even when she knows that she is still not likely to master that challenging bit. 

Again, can you argue that this is not a true benefit of learning to play the piano?


Learning Piano Develops Hand Eye Co-ordination

Reading music notes, translating those into the keys on the piano, keeping to the correct rhythm and always playing the correct note in time, is essential for music to sound melodious. 

If you’ve played piano in your life, you can understand how difficult those initial years are, even with very easy pieces, and the latter years are no better, as the pieces become more complex. 

Therefore, not only will learning to play the piano simply help with learning to play other instruments, but it will also no doubt help in sports and other areas, where accurate hand eye co-ordination is very important. 


Learning To Play The Piano

This is a significant cognitive benefit don’t you think?

Who amongst us doesn’t want to improve our memory and why won’t we want that same benefit for our children? 


Learning To Play The Piano Enhances Problem Solving Abilities

Today, workplaces look for people who are not only self motivated, but are also very good team players and problem solvers. 

So, as you can see, not one, but two of the key skills are developed by learning to play the piano. 

The question running through your head at this time no doubt is how does learning piano, help develop problem solving skills? Well, you have heard the connection between math and music haven’t you? And what is math if it is not problem solving?


Do you agree with the benefits? Do you have something more to add? Then, please comment below. 


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