6 ‘Must Have’ Features In An Online Piano Course

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Whether you are looking for an online piano course or an online course in some other subject area, I believe this post will help you as I have covered the six most important features that any good online course should have. 

The first and most important I believe is…


Lifetime Access

This is very important for courses that you buy outright. If you are to be able to ‘learn at your own pace’ then you are going to require time and thus cannot have a deadline. 

So lifetime access is essential. 

If the course does not provide lifetime access, at least it should come with an ongoing subscription option so you can have access to it until you are able to complete it. 

However, if there is a subscription, it is also important that no penalties or cancellation charges, if you ever change your mind. 


Complete With Materials

There should be no hidden costs, and it should come with all the material so you don’t have to spend extra funds purchasing essential materials like textbooks etc. 



The course should have the infrastructure to gain direct feedback from the instructor or at least from other students. 

This way there will be some place or individual you can turn to when your child is challenged or has a question that needs answering. 


Excellent Reviews

The course should have tons of reviews and testimonials that are not paid, but from real customers and students. 


Teaching Should Be Complete

By this it means that all the different areas in the subject should be covered and in the case of online piano courses, all of the following areas should be covered

– Sight Reading

– Music Theory

– Repertoire

– Ear Training

– Rhythm and Beat

– Composition

The Course Should Be Useable By Multiple Age Groups and Multiple Users

This should be a given. The course should be useable by more than one of your children and should be geared to meet the needs of different age groups where possible. So they can all learn in a collaborative manner. 


Not sure if you can find a course that will meet all of the above criteria?


Well, there are a variety of such courses out there, however, for starters you can come and try out my Read Music Notes and Play Piano In 5 Days Course, for a trial period of two weeks so you get a good feel of what a good online course should be like. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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My daughter loved the games, but there were also worksheets and videos. The weekly lesson plans were complete, and I never questioned what I should be doing next.

Lisa Tanner

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