6 ‘Fantastic’ Festive Music Appreciation Activities for Primary Schoolers

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What better time to get your kids into music appreciation than the Christmas season? 

With so many things to see and do, and so many genres of music, Christmas is my favourite time to teach music and it can be yours as well. 

So here are six fantastic but easy to implement ideas. 

I’m eager to know which one of the following ideas you will implement. 

As always I have also included an age appropriate printable to go with the post. 


Learn The History Behind The Carol

Yes, with so many lovely traditional Christmas Carols why not start there?

Pick a carol and learn about the history behind the carol?

Think that is too much work?

No worries. 

I have included printable that you can use to help your child learn about While Shepherds Watched Their Flock By Night (so don’t forget to download it, once you are done reading this post). 


Learn Christmas Greetings And Traditions

Can you think of something more fun than learning about Christmas music, traditions and greeting from different countries? 

Did you know that in Australia Santa wears shorts and loves laying about the beach? 

What about Christmas in the Philippines? How is Christmas celebrated in that far off land? 

Again, you can use the printable I have included with this post to get your kids started on their research. 


Go Carolling

Gather a few kids and their parents together and go carolling around the neighbourhood.

Imagine how much cheer you can spread at this time of the year. 

Furthermore, your children will learn to sing, and have tons of fun through the entire process. 


Attend Live Carols

Churches and other venues often host live carols, so why not attend one? 

This will enable your kids to experience music in person. 


Watch A Christmas Ballet

There are many Christmas ballets, musicals and movies that come to mind, that will also help your children appreciate music this festive season. 


Put On A Christmas Pageant

Why not get really creative and put on a Christmas pageant this Christmas seasons and even live stream it to friends and family spread across the country? 

This pargeant can include carols and a nativity scene and so much more. 

The sky is the limit as far as creativity goes and your kids will have a ton of fun in the process. 

What’s more, you can find a part for each of your kids irrespective of their age. 


So which one of the above ideas will you implement first? 

Please let me know. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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