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Teaching kids to identify, and read and write the Treble Clef is really important, irrespective of the instrument they are learning to play and irrespective of what aspect of music they are learning whether it is sight reading, music theory or whatever else. 

So today, I will be explaining how even mom’s with no musical background can still introduce the Treble Clef to their kids in the homeschool.


Let’s get started.



Yes, the very first step is to show them the Treble Clef. 

For this, you can either show them the Treble Clef on some sheet music, or better still use the flashcard I have included with this post (you can download it by completing the form below). 



Next, you tell them that it is called the Treble Clef. 

With younger kids teach them to pronounce it correctly. 

Also tell the kids that the Treble Clef has another name and that name is G Clef. 

It is called G Clef, because when writing the symbol you start writing on 2nd line, which is G (if they haven’t learned to read music notes as yet, this might not make sense to them – either way don’t worry, you can revisit this when they start reading notes). 



Now, it is time to explain to them that when they see the Treble Clef it means that notes denoted by it have to be played with the right hand on the piano (there are exceptions to this rule, which they will learn later on. All they need to know right now is that when they see the Treble Clef, it means that the notes have to be played with the right hand). 



Now that they know the name and can identify the Treble Clef, it is time for you to teach them how to write it with technical precision. 

Please download my printable and they can not only learn to write the Treble Clef, but they can also get a lot of practice to gain confidence. 



Now it is time to play a few games. 

But in order to do that, you will first have to introduce them to the Bass Clef. 

If you haven’t already done so, read my post 5 ‘Easy Peasy’ Steps To Introduce The Kids To The Bass Clef. 

Once you’ve introduced the Bass Clef, you can use flashcards and have them put up the appropriate hand to correspond with the flashcard you are holding up. 

Eg. When you hold up the Bass Clef flashcard, they have to put up their left hand and vice versa. 

Want to learn more fun games you can play with your kids? 

Then read my post 6 ‘Ridiculously Fun’ Ways To Teach The Difference Between The Treble Clef & The Bass Clef.


Download the printable and flashcard and come back and leave a comment telling me how it went. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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