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Reading music notes can be very easy if taught correctly from the very beginning. 

The number one reason kids struggle with learning to read music notes is because the fundamentals are not taught correctly and in the right order. 

With the correct tools and guidelines even mom’s who have no musical background can teach their kids how to read music notes and play the piano effortlessly. 

In this post I am going to show you how you can teach your child to read Bass Clef line notes. 

Yes, even if you’ve never had any musical training in your life, you can still do this, because my method is ‘super easy’. 

However, in order for you to do this, you should have already introduced your kids to the Musical Alphabet, They should be able to find their way around the keyboard, effortlessly and they should be able distinguish between line and space notes, and have learned about line numbers and space numbers, and have been introduced to Middle C.

If you haven’t introduced them to even one of the above, please click on the appropriate link, complete the steps and then proceed with the instructions in this post. 

If you haven’t completed ANY of the above steps, then start with the Musical Alphabet and go in the order I have suggested. 


On the other hand, if you’ve completed all of the above steps, you are ready to proceed. 

But, don’t forget to download the music theory worksheets and flashcards I have made available below. 

Got it?

Let’s get started. 


Review Middle C

Ask your child to show you Middle C on the keyboard. 

Remind him that all the notes to the left of Middle C are usually written in the Bass Clef and played with the left hand. 


Review Treble Clef Line And Space Notes

If you haven’t already introduced the kids to Treble Clef line and space notes, this would be a good time to do it. 

Even though you can proceed with teaching Bass Clef line notes without first teaching the line notes, it just makes things easier. 

I strongly suggest that you first teach your child the Treble Clef line notes, for that you can read my post 5 ‘Incredibly Easy’ Steps To Teach Treble Clef Line Notes, and 5 ‘Ridiculously Easy’ Steps To Teach Treble Clef Space Notes.


Introduce G

Show the flashcard.

Show G (on the flashcard) and say that it is first line G also known as G2.

Since your child already knows C4 (Middle C) ask him to show you G2.


Introduce B

Now show the flashcard again and ask your child to show you B. 

Say that it is called second line B also known as B2. 


Introduce D, F, A In The Same Way

Use the same steps as above to show each note one at a time. 

Remember to say third line D also known as D3. 

Proceed on to show fourth line F or F3 and fifth line G or G3. 


The Pneumonic

Tell your child that the easy way to memorize the note names is  Good Birds Deserve Food Always.


Introduce/Review F2

If you haven’t already done so (depending on the method you chose), this would be a good time to introduce the note F2 or ‘Fearless F’.

Show your child the flashcard for F2. 

Say that it is called ‘Fearless F’ because it hangs from the Bass Staff. 

Ask your child to show F2 on the keyboard (he should point to the F immediately after Middle C). 

If you have already introduced your child to F2, then use this opportunity to review the concept. 


Play A Few Games And Complete The Music Theory Worksheet

Yes, play a few games to reinforce the concepts learned here. 

You can call out a note name and ask your child to play the note. 

Eg. You call out first line G and your child will play G2. 

Next, you can play D3 or even draw the note on a Bass Staff and ask your child play the note. 

Another good idea is, once your child has completed the attached music theory worksheet, you have ask him to play the notes on the keyboard. 


What do you think?

Can you introduce your kids to the Bass Clef Line Notes? 

Of course, you can. 

You have all the material, all you need now is to just do it. 

So what next? 

You can now proceed to my post 5 ‘Ridiculously Simple’ Ways To Teach Bass Clef Space Notes. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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