5 ‘Ridiculously Simple’ Instrument Study Activities For Your Pre-schooler

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Instrument studies can be very interesting for pre-schoolers as much as it is for older kids. 

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get your little pre-schoolers into music in the homeschool, here’s your in-road. 

Why not pick an instrument, and start teaching them about it? 

Don’t know what to do to keep them engaged?

No worries, read through this post and implement the ideas I have explained here. 

What is more?

You can even use the adorable printables I have made available so you can take your little ones’ learning to the next level. 

So here goes. 


Instrument Facts

Let’s say for instance that you picked the violin as your instrument of choice to introduce to your little one. 

Start by telling her the name of the instrument, then go on to say that it is a member of the string family, and that the string family consists of instruments with strings. 

If you have a violin in the house, let her touch and feel it. 

Alternatively you can take her to an instrument store to be able to see it in person.

Explain why it is called a string instrument, show her videos so she can see how it is played. 

Tell her that a person who plays a violin is called a violinist 

Now, explain details like the origin of the instrument, and where it was first made etc. 


Spell, Draw, Write

You can teach your little one to write the word violin. 

If she is interested you can ask her to draw one. 

Alternatively you can download an outline drawing of a violin and let her colour it. 

Don’t forget to download the printables I have made available with this post, as I have included all these activities in the worksheets. 



Create a playlist of songs played exclusively on the violin, and play it in the background throughout the  day for a week or more. 

This way your little one will become accustomed to the sound of the violin. 

Let her watch videos of some great violinists like Vanessa Mae for instance. 



Once she has become accustomed to the sound of the violin, talk to her about the instrument and the sound. 

Is it low pitched or high pitched? At this point you can help her learn the difference in pitches by saying is it low and booming like thunder or daddy’s voice, or is it more high pitched like a bird chirping etc? 

Find different examples to explain the concept of high and low sounds. 

Talk specifically about a song she’s heard played on the violin and ask her if it is loud or soft etc. 

By talking about the songs in this manner, you are unknowingly teaching her to analyse music. 

Want to know more about how you can introduce your little one to music analysis? Then read my post 3 ’Super Easy’ Music Analysis Activities For Pre-Schoolers.



For this activity you can take the discussion further and talk about how the songs she heard and the sound makes her feel. 

Does she feel happy or sad? 

Remember, emotions can change according to the tempo and melody and violins can used in both settings. 

So, you can either talk about each song individually or select two songs, one with a happy melody and one with a more sad or somber mood and compare the two in your discussion. 


Over to you. 

Can you think of more engaging ways to introduce your kids to instrument studies?

Please comment below, because I always love to hear from my readers. 

Would you like to fill your homeschool with instruments? Then read my post, 9 ‘No Fail’ Ways To Fill Your Homeschool With Instruments, and learn how you can add instruments to your homeschool at a fraction of the cost.

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