5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Perform In Public

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Do you know why it is absolutely necessary that your child should perform in public?

I’m sure you will say that it is because it will build self confidence. 

Yes, that is correct. It is because it will build self confidence, but can you think of any other reasons?

There are many more reasons for sure and in this article I will not only tell you about some of the most important reasons why she should perform in public, but also how you can get it done. 


To Build Self Confidence

You already knew this for sure, but I wanted to reiterate this. 

While there are many ways to build your child’s self confidence, performing in public is just one avenue. 

As much as you might agree with me on this one, I am sure there are quite a few of you who don’t agree with these sentiments and I’m sure you have a myriad of very good reasons as to why you don’t think this is a good idea. 

So please hear me out by continuing to read the other reasons why I think performing in public is essential. 


Enhances Work Ethic

Yes, this in my opinion is a big one. 

Performing in public requires a lot of effort and practice, whether it is to deliver a speech, play an instrument or act a part. 

Either way, the practice that needs to be put into place in order to be ready for the performance, will help your child understand how a strong work ethic can pay off. 


Helps Build Resilience

Did you think of this one? 

Well for one thing, practicing can be very frustrating and the very act of continuously practicing and working through the challenging parts, whether it is in a speech or in a musical piece, helps build resilience. 

Also, there are many occasions on which public performers have failed or made mistakes. 

Sometimes those mistakes have been easily recognizable (like a slip and fall on stage) and at other times they have not been recognizable (like missing a single note in a complex piece).

Either way, good performers often pick themselves up off the floor and move on from that mistake and the very act of doing so is a lesson in resilience, don’t you think?

So can you see now, how important performing in public can be?

But hold on, I’m not done yet. 

There are more benefits like…


Increase In Self Esteem

Yes, you may think of this as similar to self confidence, but it really is not. 

While self confidence builds the child’s belief in his own abilities, self esteem as a whole makes the child feel good about herself.

And if I had to choose between self confidence and self esteem, I will always choose self esteem over self confidence. 


Provides A Sense Of Accomplishment And Pride

The sense of pride and accomplishment your child will feel after the performance, alone will be priceless. 

And what is more, it will be an experience she can build on later. 


So, what do you think? Do you agree with me that performing in public is essential. 


If you agree with me, but yet feel that your child has no real opportunity to perform in public, I hope my blog post, explaining 8 ‘Creative’ Ways To Give Your Child An Opportunity To Perform In Public, will help you. 

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Karen Cadera


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