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Do you know that one of my favourite ways of teaching, is to blend one subject with another?

I’m sure you’ve knowingly or unknowingly done the same in the homeschool. 

I often make it a point to teach kids music and art, or music and science, and in this post, I’m hoping to give you some really innovative tips on how you can blend two totally unrelated subjects together. 



Ancient or even medieval history provides a variety of different ways in which you can teach your kids about music. 

For instance if you are teaching your kids ancient Egyptian history, you can have them research the different musical instruments used during those times and do a show and tell (for younger kids). 

With older kids you can have them create a presentation on the same, and educate everyone in the house. 

Celebrating Black History month? Then why not learn about some of the most famous African American composers like Scott Joplin and others. 

How about learning about Blues and Jazz music, genres, which predominantly saw many African American composers excel at. 



Learning about China, Japan or the Middle East’s topography? Why not learn about music from these cultures, the composers and the historic events that may have influenced and inspired the music. 

You can help your children focus on a specific country and create a playlist of music from that country or region. 

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Are your kids learning Shakespeare or Marlowe this year? 

Then why not have them research the corresponding musical era to the Elizabethan era in literature. 

They can focus on the music or the instruments that were most popularly used at court at the time.

Alternatively you can have your kids research the most prominent composers of the time and learn about them. 



One of my favourite subjects to blend with music is science, and needless to say there are so many different avenues to do so. 

For instance, if your kids are learning about our Solar System, why not have them research and learn all about the music that was inspired by the Sun, the moon, and the planets?


Why not PREVIEW unit two of my premium course the Solar System Symphony? And have your kids aged 4 – 14 learning all about the different composers and music that was inspired by the stars.


Art History

Do your kids learn art history? Then there is no better subject to blend with music that art history. 

They can learn about Wassily Kandinsky for instance, a phenomenal artist whose paintings are like compositions. Have them research the music that inspired his creations and learn about that genre of music? 

So, what do you think? Do you feel confident enough to start blending musical learning with other subjects that your kids, in the homeschool?

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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