5 ‘Inarguable’ Reason Why Group Piano Lessons Are Better Than One On One Piano Lessons

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For many years, I have continuously heard that one on one piano lessons, are far better than group piano lessons. 

While this argument does have some merit with regard to unique cases, it cannot be considered to be accurate in all cases. 

Furthermore, research has shown time and again that group piano lessons are in fact a lot better for kids at least at the start, when compared to one on one piano lessons. 


In this post therefore, I will look at five huge reasons why group piano lessons can be better for your kids when compared to one on one piano lessons. 


Cost Savings

This is by far the most significant benefit for many parents, who are reluctant to send their kids for piano lessons, due to the exorbitant costs. 

Group classes are significantly cheaper than one on one piano lessons and therefore, can allow most families to afford piano classes for their kids. 

Don’t you think that any piano classes would be be better than no piano classes?

If you do, then how can you argue with this benefit?


Helps Shy Kids

Many shy kids find it hard to work with an adult that they don’t know very well on a face to face one on one basis. 

However, if they can blend in with their own siblings and other kids of the same age group, then they are less anxious and likely to learn more. 

It is important to remember that if your kid is shy and this is the reason you choose group classes over one on one lessons, it is still important to let the teacher know so he/she knows to be sensitive to your child’s needs. 


Ability To Learn From One Another

This is a big one. Kids, often thrive in a group environment, because they learn from one another as much as they learn from a teacher. 

Simply imitating their classmates help them to improve immensely. 

Do you have any reservations about this?


Different Ages

Group classes will often have younger kids and older kids banded together. For example, kids aged 5 – 7 can be included in one class together. 

Thus helping older kids to be leaders and help the younger kids, and younger kids are more likely to learn from older kids because they want to imitate the older kids. 


Support When Practicing

If you have kids that are close in age or in a group piano class together in your household, this is a huge benefit, because they can support and encourage one another when practicing the piano. 

Thus, making it more effective. 


Do you agree that group piano classes have benefits when compared to one on one piano classes? What other advantages do you think it has? 

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