5 ‘Easy Peasy’ Steps To Teach Your Child To Read Piano Music

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In this post I thought I should give you the steps to teach your kids to read music notes in 5 easy steps. 

You have to have some knowledge of music to be able to understand this and be able to teach. 

This post is for the many parents who have leaned music but simply don’t know how to teach their kids or to break things down in easy steps. 

But if you have never learned piano or don’t know the first thing about music, don’t worry, I have you covered. Come join my FREE 5 piano lessons and I will give you all the tools and guidance you need to teach your kids to Read Music Notes and Play the Piano in just 5 Days. 

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Those of you who already know music, please read on. 


Name The Key

First take your child to the keyboard and name the keys starting from Middle C. 

You can go C, D, E, F, G, A, B 

Or you can also teach them C4 (middle C), D4, E4 and so and when you come to the next C call it C5. 

With this method remember to teach them that the B before C4 is B3 and so on. 

This actually is my favourite method (C4, D4 and so on) as in the long run it helps when teaching ledger line notes and up. 


Line And Space Notes

Next take a music sheet and teach them to identify line notes and space notes. 

I have included worksheets with this post, that you can use to have them practice what they learn.

Remember to grab them. 


Treble And Bass Clef

Now teach them to identify Treble Clef and Bass Clef. 

Teach them to write it and also tell them what Treble Clef signifies and what Bass Clef signifies. 

Treble Clef notes are played with the right hand and Bass Clef notes are played with the left hand. 


Treble Clef Notes

Now teach them the treble clef line notes and then the space notes. 


Bass Clef Notes

Yes, you guessed it. simply teach them the bass clef line notes and space notes. 


You are done. 

How frequently or how fast should you teach these to your kids? 

Well that would depend on the age and learning capability of each of your kids. 

Don’t forget to grab the printable pack I have for you. 


If you are still unsure, but want to teach your kids to read music, then please join my Read Music Notes and Play the Piano in 5 days for FREE. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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This program reminded me (and allowed me to teach my son) how to read music. To me, that was the most important thing that we learned together. Of course, it was very rewarding for me to watch my son play the piano with both hands at the same time, while reading sheet music. His favorite parts of the course were actually playing the songs and doing the worksheets provided.

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