3 ‘Undeniable’ Reasons Why You Have To Teach Your Children Piano

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I know, I know, not a day goes by when you don’t hear how important learning to play an instrument is for the young developing brains; but that is not why I think you should teach your child to play the piano. 

There are a ton of other reasons why you should, but in this article I talk of the three most important reasons. 



Yes, when you teach your child to play the piano, the opportunities for bonding are immense. 

Now remember, I’m not talking of you paying someone to teach your child to play the piano. NO. 

I’m telling you that you should teach your child yourself. Bonding is only possible if you take up the mantle of the teacher and do this yourself. 

After all,, if you have homeschooled your child for at least a short while you should have experienced it yourself. The bonding and the family time and the fun times together are priceless, aren’t they? Well, it is no different with teaching your child to play the piano. 

So try it. 

Don’t know where to start? Never touched a piano in your life? Well, look no further. Click here and sign up for my Free Piano Lessons where I provide you with all the tools and hold your hand through the process. Even if you have never touched a musical instrument in your life, I will show you how you can teach your child to Read Music Notes and Play The Piano In Just 5 Days. 

Ok. Besides bonding, what are the other benefits?



The piano is the easiest instrument to learn at the beginning but the hardest to master in the end. 

So, while it is fun to learn it at the very start, as you progress through the learning process it becomes very hard and that is why many kids and even adults drop out from learning to play the piano. 

But does that mean your child has to drop out? 


Keeping at it and not quitting will help instil perseverance and tenacity in your child and therefore, learning to play the piano is essential as a life skill builder. 

Want more tips on how to increase your child’s likelihood at succeeding in learning to play the piano? Then, click here and read my article on 7 ‘Shockingly’ Simple Ways To Ensure Your Child Succeeds When Learning Piano Online. 


Self Confidence

Another by product of learning to play the piano is an increasing level of self confidence. 

Kids who have to toughen up and become resilient are more likely to be very sure of themselves and thus, develop self confidence and have a higher level of self esteem. 

As you can see, not only will your child be able to play the piano but she will also develop a variety of important life skills along the way, and you have a priceless opportunity for bonding with your child, throughout this amazing journey. 


Now, if your child is already learning to play the piano that is great. However, if he or she is learning but always wanting to quit because he/she hates practicing (which is often the case) it would be a great pity. 

If that is the case then I hope my article on 5 ‘No Fail’ Ways To Make Piano Practice Fun can help make things better. 

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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