3 Reasons Why Making Mistakes When Practicing Is Perfect

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Do you believe in the doctrine that ‘practice makes perfect’? 

I was often told that as a child and I hated practice. I hated it with a vengeance. 

I think the main reason that I hated it so much was because my mom, who is also a music teacher, used to yell out every time I made a mistake. 

No, she wasn’t scolding me, but rather, she would call out ‘Wrong’ or ‘That’s Wrong’ or something to that effect, which really got on my nerves, and as a result I quit playing piano so many times, that it was virtually impossible to count. 

Anyway, fast forward a few years and as I grew up I started realizing several things about making mistakes when practicing and how actually making mistakes while practicing was perfect – no pun intended. 

This realization totally changed my mindset around piano practice, and today I want to share those realizations with you, so you too can encourage your children and help them. 


A Person Who Hasn’t Made Mistakes, Has Likely Made Nothing

Think about it. 

The only people who have never made any mistakes in their lives, are those who have never learned or attempted anything. Don’t you think?

Remember Edison? When he was asked about the 1000 mistakes he made trying to invent the light bulb, what did he say? 

‘I learned 999 ways how not to make a light bulb’.

Basically if he had quit because he was making so many mistakes, where would that have left us?

So, the next time your kids are frustrated with practice, talk to them, explain how important it is not to give up, especially when they are making mistakes. 

Tell them that making mistakes helps them. 

I will explain how, in the next point. 


It Makes You Take Note Of Areas You Need To Focus On More

Yes, that’s it. 

Making mistakes will help your kids to identify the areas that they need to focus on more and work through them. 

This is not a bad thing, but rather a good thing, because now they can isolate the problem. 

Also breaking the difficult parts into really bite sized pieces will definitely help them. So try and it and encourage them to take it one bar line at a time if necessary. 


Teaches Perseverance And Cultivates A Growth Mindset

Continuing on in the face of failures, will help your child to develop that all important skill ‘perseverance’ and determination. 

Don’t you think that is priceless?

Explain this to him. Especially older kids will be able to appreciate how the development of soft skills like perseverance are sometimes far more valuable than the actual book knowledge they are gaining. 

Another point to remember through all of this, is what my favourite psychologist Carol Dweck says, we are going for ‘progress not perfection’. 

So when we make mistakes, and recognize those mistakes and start working on eliminating them, we are progressing. 

Perfection will come next, as it is inevitable, but progressing is more important. 

You know what they say, it is about the journey and not the destination. 

Making mistakes, not giving up and continuing to progress, make up a huge part of the journey on your child’s ultimate destination – Perfection. 


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Tell me what you think about the different points I have shared in this post. Do you agree with me, if so why or why not?

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Karen Cadera


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