3 Essential Reasons Why Your Child Absolutely Needs To Learn How To Read Piano Music

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One of the biggest hoaxes that I hear time and again about learning music, is that kids don’t need to learn to read music. This belief comes mainly from parents who are able to play by ear, but have not had any formal training in music. 

While it is great to be able to play by ear without being able to read music notes, sight reading does have a variety of benefits and in this blog post, I will be talking about some of the greatest benefits of learning to read music notes. 


To Play More Complex Music

As I stated before, while the advantage of being able to play by ear, can never be underestimated, not everyone with the ability to play by ear, is able to listen to a complex piece of music and play it from beginning to end. 

They may be able to imitate some parts of it, but very few people can play it note for note and thus, reading music notes, and being able to look and learn from sheet music is a benefit that they cannot make use of. 


To Analyse And Learn From Great Composers

The dream of many musicians is to compose great pieces. 

While you can listen to great compositions and learn from them and use those techniques when composing, musicians who are able to read music and decipher sheet music are often in a better position to compare and contrast pieces of music and analyse them better than those that only have to rely on their auditory senses. 

Thus making reading music notes an essential skill for any serious musician. 

Also if an individual is unable to read music notes, how will he or she write down his compositions? Yes, I know there are many software programs that can assist with that, however, as we all know, they are not perfect and having a knowledge of music theory will go a long way in helping with composition. 

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To Become A More Accomplished Performer

While there are a variety of other benefits of learning to read music notes, I’m going to end this post, with just one more benefit and that is; there are hardly any great performers who are unable to read music notes. This  is because, in order to be able to play the compositions of some of the greatest composers, simply playing by ear is not sufficient, as reading music is essential to understand and interpret the subtle nuances in the compositions. 


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