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Adding music to your existing homeschool schedule and curriculum should not be a difficult thing. 

Most homeschool moms often think that it is very complicated and that they don’t have the knowledge nor the time to do what is necessary. 

However, there is nothing further from the truth than that. 

In today’s post, I am going to show you exactly how you can add music to your homeschool with ten easy to implement ideas. 

Once you are done reading through the post, don’t forget to download the checklist I have made available. 



What can be easier than this?

Sing at every turn. Encourage your kids to sing when they are outside walking in nature. 

Sing when you are doing household chores. 

Sing when tidying up. Hey, even sing in the shower. 


Theme Parties

Pick a musical theme for the month. For example it can be a theme like Jazz. 

Create a playlist of jazz music, listen to it in the background. 

Ask older kids to research famous jazz musicians and musical instruments commonly used in jazz orchestras and so on. 


Just Sing Don’t Speak

This is a really fun activity to try with young kids. 

They do have sing song voices anyway and will be able to sing out sentences with ease. 

What is more? They will find it really fun. 


Find Beats

Another great activity to do with the little ones is to find different beats from the natural and artificial environments. 

Our heart beats are natural beats. How about the beat from the pecking sound of a wood pecker? The drip of water or the flow of a stream? 

What other beats can your kids identify? The washing machine or dryer in your house may have a hum or beat to it. That would be an excellent artificial beat. 

Ask them to listen to those beats and imitate them as best they can. 


Create A Dance Routine

What about creating a dance routine?

Let’s say your kids are in charge of setting the table for dinner, or sweeping, or vacuuming. 

Why not ask them to create a dance routine for one of those chores or all of them?

Wouldn’t that be fun?


Single Syllable Singing

Yes, it’s as easy as that. Try it out, it is really easy and fun. 



Take two different tunes and try to meld them into one. 

The first line can be from the first tune and the second line from the second tune. 

Of course not all tunes will go together, but it will be fun activity nevertheless and your kids will learn what works and what doesn’t. 


Pitch Exercises

Teach younger kids to identify high pitched and low pitched sounds in the environment. 

Say for instance a birds chirping can be considered high pitched when compared to the low rumble of thunder. 

Similarly have them find more sounds like that in the environment and classify them as high or low pitch sounds. 


Music And Emotions

Listen to music and discuss, why you like or don’t like a specific sound and how the tune makes your child feel emotionally. 

Is it a happy tune, or a sad tune? 


Eras In Music

Pick a specific period in time like the 1920s or the 1950s or the 1800s and find and listen to music from that era. 

Older kids can research about musicians and musical genres from that time and delve into greater depths if they like. 


What do you think? 

Aren’t these ideas, easy to implement? 

Which ones will you be implementing first?

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera


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