Your Child Is A Talented Musician. Do You Know How To Help Him/Her In The Homeschool?

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Surprised by that statement?


Well, you shouldn’t be.


All of us have it in us to be talented musicians, but kids more than adults, because they have less inhibitions, and are likely to grow up to be talented musicians if carefully guided and provided with the correct tools.


Your unborn child (if you are pregnant) is likely to show even more talent if you take the right steps to get him/her there.


As home schooling parents who are always looking to enrich your child’s life I’m sure you have all read the multitudes of research papers out there, telling you that foetuses begin to develop musicality the moment their ears start developing.


It’s a known fact that the foetus listens to the mother’s voice and this gives the child his/her first introduction to tone, pace, pitch, inflection and much more. A study published in 2010 on ‘Functional Specialisations for Music Processing in the Human New born Brain” () found that the baby can accurately recognise his mom’s voice, from among many other sounds.


If you are pregnant and would like to learn more, then I’m sure you will love this TED Talk,


When I was pregnant with my son 8 years ago, I used to listen to classical music on a daily basis for hours.


While my son was a very calm and easy going baby, when he did have the occasional temper tantrums or was just feeling a little out of sorts and cranky or just very hyperactive I found that playing the same music that I played when I was pregnant with him, would calm him down instantly. It didn’t work with any and every type of music but only with the exact CDs that I listened to when he was in the womb where the ones that had the most wonderful impact.


This made a believer in me, which then resulted in me playing the same music in the background again 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.


I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at here. You don’t really need expensive music lessons to lay the foundation for your little musical genius, there are lots of things that you can do on a daily basis that can help your foetus/toddler/child/teenager in a number of different ways.


Here’s a list of things you can do to help your foetus become more musically inclined


  • Listen to classical music
  • Sing to your child (if you are a good singer)
  • Play an instrument (if you are able to)
  • Have siblings play or sing to your unborn child


With toddlers you can do all of the above, but you can also add more

  • Dance with your child to teach beat
  • Tap the corresponding beat on your child’s shoulder or body gently, whenever you hear music
  • Sing to your child
  • Relate stories in a musical voice



With older children you can do all of the above and much more


  • Ask them to tap the beat of songs they hear
  • Tap a beat and ask them to tap it back
  • Sing with them
  • Dance with them


If you have an instrument ask them to play around with it and attempt to play simple tunes by ear (you will be amazed at what they can do, if you encourage them enough).


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Would you like to see a list of classical songs with YouTube links so you can play it in the background during the school day? Or would you like more ideas on what you can do with little kids or toddler’s to help them become more musically inclined, then please comment below and let me know. If enough of you want it, then I will add it to my freebie calendar immediately.


Here’s another amazing video I want to leave you with and give you something to think about until next week – How playing a music instrument benefits not only your child’s brain but yours’ as well (if I haven’t convinced you already, I hope watching this video will help you understand the benefits of joining your child in their musical education).


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Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera

Creator Of The Teach Your Child Piano Series

Karen’s programs are grounded in her signature method the Transformational Five Framework, which ensures that all learners gain a solid foundation to help them master the art of playing piano.

It is Karen’s dearest wish that all children, irrespective of their background are able to experience the joy of music in their homeschool. And to this end, it is her vision to reach out to a million or more moms’/parents’ who have always dreamed of teaching their kids music, but couldn’t do so because they were not taught music as kids.