Desperate To Learn To Play The Piano, But No Piano/Keyboard At Home?

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Beginner Piano, Homeschool Piano, How To Play Piano, Online Piano, Piano Lessons for Kids, Unschooling Piano

There is a common misconception that parents who unschool their kids cannot teach music because it requires to be more regimented than other subjects, which could often be learned through everyday life. Well, I would beg to differ on that.


Having worked with tonnes of kids in the past, I have seen that there are many ways in which music can be incorporated without any need for a formal programme and in this article I would like to provide a list of things you can do as an unschooling parent, even if you have no knowledge of music yourself.


Keep a variety of musical instruments in the house, this does not mean that you have invest a ton of money rather you can buy second hand or just look out for garage sales where you can get smaller instruments that are in good condition. Maybe a friend is moving out of state or province and would let you have their upright.


Let the kids freely play on these instruments, you will find that they will make their own music that sounds right to them and if they are ready, they will ask to learn more at which time you can provide them with more resources that are available online.


Listen to music from all different genres whether it is blues, jazz, the classics, pop, rock or more and encourage them to tap the beat.


Create different playlists with the music you already have stored on your iPad or iPhone and then have a different themed dance party at home.


Have kids hum and tap beats that they hear on the radio at worship or at some other venue.


Give them opportunities or dance when doing different routine chores around the house, such as setting the table, taking out the trash, tidying their rooms and so on.


Older kids wanting to learn but not wanting to take formal classes could be encouraged to find the necessary resources online, through books from the library and elsewhere, which will be much less regimented and very enjoyable.


What different ways have you incorporated music into your unschooling lifestyle? I would really like to hear more.


Did you find this helpful, do you have any specific questions about how to incorporate your music in to you unschooling lifestyle or how to support an older child’s love for music, then please feel free to message me and I would glad to help you out.