3 ‘Must Know’ Reasons Why Learning To Sing Is Important

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Homeschool Music, Homeschool Piano, Unschooling Piano

You must be wondering what reason I could possibly give to say that your child should be able to sing in order to excel at playing piano.


Yes, it is true that playing piano is different from singing BUT, there are core skills that are very important for learning piano, which can be gained and fine tuned by learning to sing.


Here’s why you should encourage your child to sing, while he’s also learning to play piano.



Reason No 1 – Boosts Musical Memory

When your child is able to sing a tune accurately he or she will build musical memory of the tune, in terms of the beat, the harmony, the pitch and much more.


This will then aid your child when it is time to play a tune by ear or even sight read, because he will now not only be playing what he’s seeing on paper but will be able to predict the next set of notes and rhythm based on what he is hearing in his head.



Reason No 2 – Helps With Communication

When I say communication I’m not speaking of the written or spoken language but rather about music.


Many beginner music students have only a rudimentary understanding of music theory and may not have a fully developed ear for playing either.


If they are also just learning music notation and don’t know the technicalities of rhythm, beat and have no understanding of the different symbols and signs and Italian terms, it would be difficult for them to write down their creations.


On the other hand if your child is able to sing, and has a tune floating around in his head that he wants to record, he can sing that tune out with the hopes of putting it down on paper at a future date.


You will be surprised at the number of children who have done this and gone on to compose and make musical arrangements of their own.



Reason No 3 – Speeds Up Ear Training

If you or your child is still unable to play by ear, I’m sure there have been many occasions on which, you have been in the presence of someone who can play whatever tune they heard.

I’m also equally sure that you must have felt a twinge of envy and wished that your child could do that too.


Well, by learning to sing and accurately matching pitch, you can aid your child in developing his ear. Learning to sing actually speed up the process for your child.





Well, this is why all Teach Your Child Piano Curriculums have some element of singing included in them.

Karen Cadera

Karen Cadera

Creator of the Teach Your Child Piano Series

Karen’s programs are grounded in her signature method the Transformational Five Framework, which ensures that all learners gain a solid foundation to help them master the art of playing piano.

It is Karen’s dearest wish that all children, irrespective of their background are able to experience the joy of music in their homeschool. And to this end, it is her vision to reach out to a million or more moms’/parents’ who have always dreamed of teaching their kids music, but couldn’t do so because they were not taught music as kids.